VEGAN FREE OF PARABENS, SILICONES, PHTHALATES, GMO, MINERAL OIL, PETROLEUM, GLUTEN, CRUELTY, & SYNTHETIC INGREDIENTS 4oz. Damage Repair Oil is perfect for repairing damage, curl scrunching, blow drying, heat protection, hot oil treatment, fly-aways, split ends, dry hair and itchy scalp. It pairs well with your conditioner for more moisture and with your styler to seal in moisture and combat frizz! Great for ALL hair porosities! Use as: Hot Oil Treatment for Damage Repair Heat Protectant for Hot Tools UV Protection from the Sun Rinse Out Conditioner Scalp Massage for Dry/Itchy Scalp Daily Moisturizer for Dry Hair (as needed) Benefits: Softens Hair Keeps Hair Silky Keeps Hair Healthy Treats Split Ends Helps Itchy Scalp and Treats Dandruff Rich in Vitamins Thickens Hair Grows Hair Conditions Hair Keeps Hair Strong and Shiny