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Sanitas – is a 100% superfood single clove black garlic . It is medicinal herb since the Middle Ages historical records indicate that the dark spice has been used through the ages as diuretic, digestive aid and antibiotic . It undergo through a process of fermentation . It is a started as a raw single clove then fermented 45 days . It is know for its high anti- oxidant . Boosts immune system and reduces heart diseases and high blood pressure . Another product is Medela a liquid form of a black garlic it’s an A+ quality made from 99% black and 10% honey and ginger known as Anti-oxidant , Anti-inflammatory and anti cancer. Sanitas and Medela compliments each other have common uses wherein Sanitas reduces heart diseases and hugh blood pressure while Medela helps maintain a healthy heart. Our number three product is Natura Primera Essential oil 200% therapeutic premium grade “ Every drop is a gift from Nature” there six scents lavender, tea tree, cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus and peppermint with there uses Lavender relieves headache and nausea, fights occasional nervous tension and stimulates the body’s immune function . Tea tree – fights infection, cleanses and rejuvenates the skin and helps get rid of nail fungus . Cinnamon – Strengthens the immune system, facilitates pain relief and slows the look of aging skin . Lemon- Enhances the mood, Eliminates toxin in the air and natural disinfectant for surfaces. Eucalyptus- anti-bacterial, promotes healing and facilitates easy breathing the last is peppermint- Boosts your mood,stimulates circulation and clears the respiratory tract . Essential oils best use as inhalation , for massage and topical.

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