Vegan Omega Blend 4 month supply


A plant-based omega blend to support your vision, brain and heart.

Take plant-based omegas and live sustainably! Our Omega Blend capsules are sourced from plants and algae which makes them a better alternative to fish oil capsules.

What makes our Omega Blend different?

Most omega products contain a single omega ingredient, usually omega-3 and usually from fish oil. Juice Plus+ Omega Blend is a blend of 5 omega fatty acids, all from plants.

Most omega products come in softgel form, which requires heat and oxygen to fill and seal. Heat and oxygen actually cause oils to start degrading. Our vegan capsule shell is sealed without heat, protecting the oils inside. And that bubble you see in each Omega Blend capsule? That’s nitrogen, which replaces the oxygen, protecting the oils from degradation again.

So, by harvesting omegas from the original algae source, cold-pressing oils from berries and seeds to maintain purity, and placing them inside a capsule made from plants, eliminating heat and oxygen along the way, we are able to bring you a symphony of omega fatty acids in a clean, vegan, eco-friendly way.

Product Overview
One of a kind blend of Omegas
Naturally sourced Omegas from algae and the oils of seeds and fruits.
Gluten free