Timeless Marvels Erasable Notebook with Power Bank, USB & Cloud Storage, Wireless Phone Charging



What makes Timeless Marvels Smart Power Bank Notebook a great gift? Erasable 100 stone pages which can be wiped clean, or heat erased and re-used for over 500 times. Notes can be saved in the 16GB USB drive (included). Notes can be saved, shared, and organized via Cloud App. Built-in Power Bank keeps your phone and all other accessories charged with 8000mAh wirelessly! Carry around as many devices you like and charge those with the notebook’s built-in power bank. Mind-blowing technology that allows user to scan, edit, print, and store notes from notebook to cloud storage and lets user share sketches, notes and writing with friends and colleagues anywhere, anytime! Sustainability Our cutting edge technology brings you a 6-in-One design which takes reusability to a whole new level. Write on it, share it, erase it, wipe it, heat it, recharge it, and do it again.

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