Introducing the most ridiculous and delightful addition to your child’s nursery room – the “Surfing on Pizza” wooden plaque set! Featuring a Giraffe and cow riding the waves on their trusty pizza slices, this set of two 12×12 plaques is perfect for any parent looking to add a touch of humor and whimsy to their little one’s space. Because who wouldn’t want their child’s first words to be “surf’s up, dude!” while staring at a giraffe and cow shredding on some delicious-looking pizza? Plus, with its neutral colors and surf-inspired theme, this set is versatile enough to fit into any nursery room, whether you’re going for a beachy, jungle, or pizza parlor aesthetic. So, why settle for boring decor when you can have your child’s imagination run wild with these absurd and charming wooden plaques? Get your hands on the “Surfing on Pizza” set today and start the fun!