Success is a series of small wins!

You will have enough products for 6 Shred10’s!!

Just 10 days can make a difference! Follow our ten-day program to explore different foods, make lifestyle changes and see what works best for you.

Keep it simple.

There are so many diets and exercise programs out there. Which one works? Follow our 10-Day Shred10 program to go deep and explore one nutrition or lifestyle topic each day. This helps you to learn how your body works and make better choices in the long-term.

What does the program include?

1. Shred10 Guide:

An overview of what to focus on each day to eat more whole foods, drink water, sleep better and find suitable exercise.

2. Shred10 products:

Juice Plus+ Complete by Juice Plus+ Shakes Juice Plus+ Omega Blend CapsulesJuice Plus+ Fruit, Vegetable and Berry Blends

3. Access to the Facebook community
Join in and don’t go at it alone. Be in the group to receive daily motivation and support!

Why do 10 days?

When you focus for 10 days consistently on taking better care of yourself, moving more and nourishing yourself, you may see some exciting changes and start locking in some new healthy habits.