Features Include:
RESPONSIBLE DESIGN – Innovative design with dual insulation makes sure warm drinks stay warm and cold drinks stay cold.
INNOVATIVE SOLUTION – There is no need to carry around bottle warmers as this is a perfect companion for a long trip or a restful night’s sleep.
SUSTAINABLE APPROACH – There is no more plastic waste, no more landfills and no more threat to your baby’s future. We make sure our products are as responsible as these are useful for a better today and great tomorrow.

Baby Lamby Baby Bottles are designed with special airfree vent airflow system:
– Designed to reduce feeding issues: colic, gas, and reflux in small children.
– AirFree vent keeps nipple full of milk, not air.
– AirFree vent makes it easy to feed in an upright position by keeping the nipple full of milk and is connected to the bottle with a special straw system.

Capacity: 9 oz.
Washing Instructions: Dishwasher safe, hand wash recommended for thorough cleaning.
Warning: Caution should always be practiced, always check the temperature of bottle’s exterior and beverage before feeding to ensure child’s safety.

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